9 miraculous powers of Rose Water

Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, Rose Water protects the hydrolipidic barrier and helps maintain skin firmness while preventing the appearance of redness. Its benefits on the face, body and hair are powerful and multiple, making it a skincare essential. We give you 9 good reasons to adopt it. 

1. Natural Toner : Spray a few drops of l'Eau Rosée every morning on your face to refresh your complexion. You can also spray on the neck and the bust for an immediate toning effect guaranteed.

2. Anti-wrinkle : Applying rose water daily, will preserve your skin's youthfulness. Rich in antioxidants, it helps preserve the elasticity of the skin by preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Cleansing lotion l'Eau Rosée turns out to be an excellent natural purifying cleansing water. It can be sprayed directly on the face or using a Carré Doux  to optimize the cleansing of your skin every evening.

4. Astringent Water l'Eau Rosée is the ideal beauty partner for tightening pores because it effectively combats excess sebum on the skin's surface for  a smooth, even and firmer skin.

5. Anti-acne lotion : l'Eau Rosée is the essential partner for acne-prone skin because its antiseptic and healing active ingredients help prevent the appearance of pimples.

6. After-sun treatment l'Eau Rosée is an excellent after-sun treatment, its restorative properties will help fight the harmful effects of long exposure to the sun.

7. Hair care base : It is known that oil-based hair care products adhere better on damp hair. Remember to moisten your hair with l'Eau Rosée before applying your hair serum such as L'Huile de Soie . The Rose water will allow the oil bath to better penetrate the hair and will optimize its effects. It will also soothes the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles for healthier hair.

8. Anti-fatigue treatment : If you wake up with a tired face and swollen eyes, nothing better than two Carrés Doux soaked in l'Eau Rosée . If the rose water is previously stored in a cool place, the cold will help the eyes deflate in a few minutes, your dark circles will fade and your face regains all its freshness.

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