La Mission #CactusLove

Hendiya, the precious oil

In our organic plantation in southern Morocco, , grows a variety of cactus barbary figs (prickly pear) unique in the world , called hendiya in the region.

This fruit of ordinary appearance shelters an unsuspected treasure: small virtuous seeds that we cold press to obtain '' The most expensive oil in the world ".

So called because to obtain a single liter of pure oil , you must press 50 kilos of seeds extracted from from a ton of prickly pears.

Seeds sorted by hand , then pressed, drop by drop , by a particularly precise process allowing to preserve all the richness of the product.

This precious oil is '' the most powerful beauty elixir that nature has ever created '' , its cosmetic virtues are simply extraordinary.
huile de pépins de figue de barbarie hendiya bio

Particularly rich in essential fatty acids , in Omega 9 and in vitamin E , it is a real beauty oil which helps to preserve the youthfulness of the epidermis over time.
Applied every evening, its antioxidant active ingredients protect the skin against the effects of free radicals , strengthen cell renewal and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
It thus replaces on its own several conventional cosmetic products, and this, while being 100% natural, certified organic, without any additive or preservative.

Hendiya, love in a bottle

Hendiya ® was born from the desire to to introduce this wonderful oil to women everywhere in the world, through precious treatments for the face, body and hair.

Sublime treatments formulated with noble ingredients , designed to make the greatest good for the skin, the mood and the planet.

hendiya huile de figue de barbarie bio

Hendiya, prickly pears and women

Behind our bottles are daring and generous women who continue to make the dream live and prosper.

From the plantations to the laboratory, they are the ones who work every day with passion and commitment to continue this beautiful story that has become a success story.

huile de graines de figue de barbarie

And it is to express our gratitude and bring our contribution to the community that we collaborate with the association 100% Mamans which works for the protection of women in precarious situations by providing them with practical training and professional activity.