Pure Rose Toning Water - Eau Rosée
Pure Rose Toning Water - Eau Rosée

Pure Rose Toning Water - Eau Rosée

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Made from the distillation of hand-picked organic rose petals, our rose toning water Eau Rosée is a natural astringent toning lotion.

Applied as a fine mist, it is ideal for awakening the complexion, toning the skin, tightening the pores and refreshing the face.

How to use: Spray directly on the face for an immediate refreshing toning effect.

In a Ritual: (Morning Ritual)
- Wash your face with our Verbena & Aloe Vera Face Washing Gel (Gel Pureté)
- Spray a few drops of our Rose Toning Water (Eau Rosée) directly to the face
- Apply our Extra-Firming Vitamin C Day Serum (Soin Volupté)
- Apply our Prickly Pear & Honey Illuminating Day Cream (Crème Lumière)

In a Set: Available in the Energy Box - Morning Ritual

Ingredients: Rosa Damascena Flower Water

Volume: 100 ml

*Products formulated with premium organic ingredients certified by ECOCERT and USDA.
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