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Micellar water or cleansing milk: How to make the right choice?

Eau micellaire ou lait démaquillant : Comment faire le bon choix ?

We can't say it enough, removing make-up is an essential step to take care of your skin, there's no excuse to skip it.

Removing make-up yes, but not with just any make-up remover. Since this is a product you use every day, you have to make sure you choose it. Of course, we prefer a make-up remover natural, or even an organic make-up remover.

And the format? Micellar water or cleansing milk? It depends on your skin type, the amount of makeup you wear, and the texture that gives you the most of comfort.

démaquillant bio Hendiya

Micellar Water: When removing make-up rhymes with purity

In concrete terms, micellar water absorbs make-up and all the impurities present on your face for perfect skin cleansing. By the way, additional rinsing or cleaning is not necessary. This is why micellar water is often considered a two-in-one solution, which in addition to removing make-up, cleanses the skin without attacking it.

eau micellaire démaquillante bio hendiya

Its refreshing texture is very pleasant, especially during hot seasons. It is a universal make-up remover lotion that is suitable for all skin types, but oily skin should prefer it because it brings them tonicity by regulating sebum production.

That said, while it is the ideal partner for natural-effect makeup, it may be less effective against so-called “transformation” makeup, insofar as “heavy” textures can resist it.

To be optimal, micellar water should be used every evening by soaking a cotton ball or a Reusable Soft Square. La micellar lotion can also be applied directly to the face without the need for rinsing.

The Cleansing Milk: When removing make-up rhymes with moisturizing

Composed of an oily phase and an aqueous phase, make-up remover milk promises a fresh and creamy texture allowing both to cleanse and moisturize the skin in depth, so that no impurity resists it.

lait démaquillant bio hendiya

Its velvety finish melts on the surface of the skin, providing softness and comfort, it is also a universal make-up remover solution, but dry-prone skin will love it because its immediate moisturizing effect does them the greatest good.

In general, make-up remover milk gets rid of all types of make-up, from the lightest to the heaviest, thus leaving clean skin free of the remains of products and pollution.

That said, after use, we recommend rinsing the face with water or with an organic soap or a mild cleansing gel to remove excess product that may remain on the skin.

For optimal use, make-up remover milk should be applied by self-massage, or using a cotton ball or Reusable Soft Square very gently, then rinse if excess product is present on the skin.

Conclusion: Choosing Without Giving Up

While combination to oily skin should prefer Micellar Water, and rather dry skin should opt for Make-up remover milk, the ideal solution remains alternate between the 2, or even combine them, according to your makeup habits

  • If you have fairly light makeup,micellar water is your best ally. It will allow you on a daily basis to remove the natural impurities accumulated during the day while ensuring freshness and tone.
  • If you wear a lot of make-up, it is a good idea to first use make-up remover milk, which will remove the make-up essentials as well as mascara. Then apply your micellar water to permanently remove makeup residue and deeply cleanse the skin.

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