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Our 7 commitments

We are committed to a holistic approach that brings together all our convictions as a brand.

Whether in terms of formulation, ecology, people or our relationship with you.

Our 7 main commitments make up the charter of values that guides our choices on a daily basis, and which will allow you to get to know us better.

1. #CactusLove

Hendiya is the name of the prickly pear fruit, from the cactus family.

The extraction and then the pressure of its seeds gives us prickly pear seed oil. It is the richest oil that exists in nature, and it is at the heart of all our formulas .

2. #CleanBeauty

Uncompromising formulas that combine naturalness and performance .

- Over 95% natural ingredients.
- 80% of our plant extracts are of organic origin.
- All our products are green on INCI and Yuka.
- Minimalist , simple and effective rituals, designed to adapt to all skin types , thus avoiding waste and the multiplication of references.

3. #SecondLife

We work with you to ensure our packaging has multiple lives , reducing our waste, and yours.

- Our shops are collection points for your used bottles ( One returned bottle = 10 loyalty seeds ).
- Our boxes, fabric covers and totebags are designed to be converted at home into cosmetic boxes, jewelry boxes, lingerie covers, shopping bags, and more.


A brand made by women, for women .

- Our team is composed by passionate and exciting women who are our main strength.
- We donate part of our profits each year to help finance the professional training of women in precarious situations .

5. #LocalFirst

A short and local supply and delivery chain with a low carbon footprint.

- 100% of our partners and suppliers are local.
- Sourcing of ingredients from our cooperatives .
- Manufacture of our packaging and accessories by local craftsmen.
- Delivery of your parcels by the closest store to you.

6. #CloseToYou

Being close to you is what helps us to be better .

- Your ideas and feedbacks are always taken into account.
- Our Seeds of Hendiya® program rewards your loyalty.
- Our customer service is always there to listen to you, support and advise you, all with reactivity, transparency and kindness.

7. #BetterTogether

We work every day in a process of continuous improvement , at all levels.

- We are continuing our research to bring ever more effective formulas to life.
- We are constantly looking for new solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and increase the reuse of our packaging.
We are at your disposal every day to better meet your expectations.