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The Skin Diet, a new organic beauty trend

Le Skin Diet, nouvelle tendance beauté bio

The idea is simple, but seems to give unexpected results. It is about applying the codes of nutrition to the skin, in particular diets.

Skin like skin and diet like diet, so it is indeed a diet for the skin. We constantly water our skin with toxins and chemicals contained in makeup and various cosmetics. A rest can be very beneficial.

skin diet cosmétiques naturelles

The idea is to go without cosmetics for at least 2 days a week, say the weekend. This is to allow the skin to "breathe" and the cells to regenerate. A detox cure that consists of sparing the skin of all the chemicals it ingests every day, thus helping to get rid of small pimples and blackheads and regain its natural glow.

As with diets, for the skin diet to be effective, skin hygiene should also be reduced in chemical materials for the 5 days off the diet. How? simply by favoring natural products, preferably organic, which contain no additives or chemicals and which only do good for the epidermis.

We recommend an evening routine based on organic natural soaps that purify the skin and rid it of all daily pollution, such as Hendiya exfoliating soap with prickly pear cake, olive oil and orange blossom. Follow the natural purification phase with a hydration phase with an evening treatment with 100% pure certified organic Hendiya prickly pear seed oil, hydrates, nourishes and rids the skin of toxins and the effects of pollution and free radicals.

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