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Everything you need to know about the price of prickly pear oil

Huile de figue de barbarie

Prickly pear oil stands out on the vegetable oil market for its high cost, justified by its rarity and its exceptional cosmetic benefits. Let’s dive more into the details of this precious oil.

What makes prickly pear oil so special?

Made from the mechanical pressure of prickly pear seeds, this vegetable oil is full of components beneficial for the skin, such as vitamin E, sterols and polyunsaturated fatty acids . It is widespread across the Mediterranean basin, particularly in Morocco. Renowned for its anti-aging properties, it is widely used in cosmetics, especially for facial care.

The different prices on the market: Oil vs. Oily Macerate

The significant variation in price between prickly pear seed oil and the oily macerate of prickly pear flowers can be explained by the composition. Prickly pear oil, extracted from the seeds, can reach prices of up to 3,000 euros per liter, while the oily macerate, a less concentrated and less expensive mixture, ranges between 80 and 100 euros per liter.

Why such a disparity in prices?

The difference in cost can be explained firstly by the astronomical quantity of prickly pears needed to produce the oil. A ton of fruit, or around 10,000 prickly pears, is required to obtain a single liter of prickly pear seed oil. Additionally, production processes vary significantly between the two products, impacting their final quality.

Quality criteria and pricing

Several criteria come into play to determine the quality of prickly pear oil and, therefore, its price:

- Cold extraction mode, preserving the active ingredients.
- The absence of mixing with other oils, guaranteeing the purity of the product
- The supply circuit, involving as few intermediaries as possible
- Organic origin , demonstrating pesticide-free cultivation.

Choosing the Best Prickly Pear Oil

The best prickly pear oil meets several quality criteria. Often packaged in small glass bottles to prevent any interaction with plastic substances, it is also labeled organic. Opting, if possible, for fair trade oil helps to remunerate producers fairly, making your purchase an ethical act.

Hendiya prickly pear oil: A 100% organic oil at an affordable price

In the landscape of prickly pear oils, Hendiya prickly pear seed oil is recognized as a first choice oil . Of Moroccan origin, this oil is distinguished by its 100% Organic label and its commitment to the planet . It embodies the pure essence of the prickly pear, offered at an affordable price, thanks to a local supply chain directly from Moroccan cooperatives.

By choosing Hendiya prickly pear seed oil, we are opting for a local Moroccan product with proven effectiveness, but also, we are choosing a brand with an ethical and ecological approach.

Thus, Hendiya offers an opportunity to discover the benefits of prickly pear seed oil without compromise, making this oil a valuable ally in your natural beauty rituals.

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