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The 5 beauty benefits of Aloe Vera

Soin Volupté Bio Hendiya

Nature has given us a wonderful gift: Aloe Vera. Well known to everyone, this plant with thick leaves soaked in a transparent gel with many virtues has risen to the top of the ranking of the most sought-after beauty products this year. But what are its real beauty benefits?

Soin Volupté Bio Hendiya

Aloe Vera is an outstanding moisturizer

If aloe is known, it is above all for its unparalleled moisturizing power which is interesting for all skin types and all ages. A little surprising when you know that the gel of this plant contains mainly water! Indeed, aloe vera gel contains approximately 98% water. That's how it is moisturizing for the skin and is perfect for dehydrated skin. That's why you'll find it in many moisturizing cosmetics.

Namely: The remaining 2% are composed of approximately 75 active ingredients including 20 minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium, etc.) and 12 vitamins (C, B1, B2, etc.). It is therefore not a myth, this plant is very miraculous.

Aloe Vera is purifying

Thanks to its astringent active ingredients, aloe vera is suitable for both dry skin and oily skin because it allows to regulate excess sebum, tighten pores and thus purify your face. It is therefore not uncommon to find it in cleansing care for the face but also in shampoos because its active ingredients are as good for the skin as for the hair!

Aloe Vera slows down the effects of time

Antioxidant, protective, nourishing, aloe vera boosts the growth of fibroblasts, which stimulate the cells involved in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which ultimately accelerates skin cell renewal. Aloe vera is therefore a good ally for effective anti-aging action and mature skin should not be deprived of it!

This is why you find it in many anti-aging skincare products and especially in your day serums.

Aloe Vera helps soothe the skin

Thanks to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera helps to soothe skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and redness.

Aloe Vera has healing and antiseptic properties

The combination of zinc and vitamins C and E (vitamins already famous in themselves for their ability to accelerate skin repair) also greatly promotes healing. Hence its certainly the most common cosmetic use: aloe vera as an SOS care after sunburn to relieve burns but also to treat small cuts.

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