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6 tips for preparing your skin for the sun

  1. Hydrate yourself from the inside: Healthy skin starts with adequate hydration. Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day to keep your skin well hydrated. Water helps flush out toxins, prevent dehydration, and maintain your skin's elasticity. Also consume foods high in water such as cucumbers, watermelons, and citrus fruits to get extra hydration.

Five simple gestures to refine your skin texture.

Are you looking for a flawless complexion? The solution is not as inaccessible as it seems! Here are 5 key, natural, easy and quick steps to take yourself to put an end to uneven skin...

Day cream, night cream: what is the difference and what are the benefits?

Day cream, night cream… Is there a real difference between these two treatments? Taking care of your skin is essential to maintain your youthfulness, and since the skin does not have the same needs during day and night, you need to know adapt your creams according to the time of day.

The 5 beauty benefits of Aloe Vera

Nature has given us a wonderful gift: Aloe Vera. Well known to everyone, this plant with thick leaves soaked in a transparent gel with many virtues has risen to the top of the ranking of...

Layering - How to layer your skincare

There isn't just one "perfect" skincare routine, but there is definitely an optimal way to apply your products. Theorder in which you apply your skincare can make a big difference in how well it works,...